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 How will Mindfulness benefit me?

 How will Mindfulness benefit my business or organisation?

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 How does Mindfulness training differ from other training programmes?

 Where does training take place?

 Do I have to take a lot of time out to train?

 Is Mindfulness just being aware of what goes on around me?

 Is there a scientific basis for Mindfulness?

 Are Mindfulness and Meditation the same?

 Is Mindfulness Buddhist or religious?

the now project

Everything we experience - every success, failure, moment of happiness or misery - comes as a result of our mind and how we use it.

Many years ago, while a lawyer, I began to explore what was needed to control and shape my mind and my inner life. This led me to combining my rational, intellectual world with the world of contemplation and intuition so that I could use my mind in a way that best served my material, emotional and other needs.

I offer training that includes, among other things, Mindfulness and related Emotional Intelligence techniques to assist others who wish to find out how they can enhance their own inner life and take greater control over the workings of their mind so that they live happier, more productive and fulfilling lives.

now training


Happiness, Success and Resilience all depend on skills that can be learned 

MindRight is a Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence programme designed to be integrated into any business or organisation.

Participants gain an understanding of how their minds really work and of the factors that influence their thinking and actions. They learn strategies to enhance resilience, focus, awareness and self-regulation and to reduce the impact of stress, unconscious bias, reactivity and fixed mindsets.

MindRight is delivered in stand alone seminars and can then be incorporated into your workplace by way of a multi-week programme.

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Paying attention to the right things, at the right time and in the right way. This is Mindfulness. 

Mindfulness is now used in businesses, organisations, sports teams, schools, universities and elsewhere because it has been shown to boost productivity and wellbeing in practical and accessible ways.

The Now Project provides high quality and authentic Mindfulness training combining recent developments in neuroscience with contemplative experience. 

The Scientific Power of Meditation - ASAP Science 

private sessions

Private sessions have the benefit of being more intensive and designed to meet your specific needs. This, in turn, helps you to make more progress faster and to integrate an effective Mindfulness practice into your life in a way that works for you.

Individual sessions can take place either in your workplace or at an outside venue. There are no special requirements and an ordinary meeting room or office will usually suffice. 

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I believe that the practice of Mindfulness can make a positive difference in so many aspects of our society. To facilitate this I offer Mindfulness programmes and courses in my local community and to organisations that work in other communities to make change. These programmes and courses are offered on a voluntary or koha basis.

Please get in touch if you or your organisation would like to discuss how we might work together to integrate Mindfulness into what you do.

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about now

My professional life has traversed the spectrum of how our minds can work, from the highly rational to the completely intuitive.

For 30 years I was a lawyer practicing in New Zealand, Australia and the U.K.

I have always been interested in how our minds work and the capacity we have to change and improve ourselves. Following this fascination 20 years ago I began training in meditation, Mindfulness and other contemplative practices. 

The Now Project draws on my training and life experiences as well as my work in the commercial world. I believe that we can all prosper through our work, not just financially but also emotionally and mentally, with the result that we live happier and more fulfilled lives.

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